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kickboxing classes in CT / 30 DAYS FREE!

kickboxing classes in CT

Try kickboxing classes in CT for 30 days free at the Modern Self-Defense Center! MSDC offers the best classes for kickboxing classes in CT, with kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, no-gi grappling, self-defense, weapons, and more!  The best training is here!

kickboxing classes in CTkickboxing classes in CT

There are lots of options for kickboxing classes in CT, from judo to aikido, karate to tae kwon do, and mixed martial arts and ufc fighting. Make sure you're training in a professional program with experienced trainers who understand how to help you reach your maximum potential!  The number one safe, fun, healthy place to get in shape and learn valuable kickboxing classes in CT skills is the Modern Self-Defense Center!

The Modern Self-Defense Center has been Middletown, Connecticut's source for contemporary self-defense training since 2002.  MSDC offers a variety of dynamic and effective training methods in an exciting, informal atmosphere.  All of the different classes at MSDC provide challenging workouts (each with a different flavor) and an emphasis on dynamic, hands-on, realistic approaches to self-defense training.

We welcome beginners at all times.  The Modern Self-Defense Center is a unique environment: the instruction is professional and of the highest level, the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, and the training is top-notch.  MSDC is the ideal place to train, whether your needs are short-term or you want to begin a healthy endeavor that you can pursue for decades.  We encourage you to read this website fully and to see what programs pique your interest.  You are always invited to come and watch our classes, to ask questions, and to try anything that looks exciting.

Whether you have years of previous experience or none at all, whether you are already in great shape or you want to be, if you're looking for no-nonsense answers and elite instruction and training, then the Modern Self-Defense Center is THE  place for you to find kickboxing classes in CT.

kickboxing classes in CT - 30 Days FREE!

We invite you to test drive our school at NO charge - starting with a FREE private lesson (one-on-one with one of our instructors, for your privacy and comfort), followed by a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. And as if that's not enough, we add a 60 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - that's right, try us for 30 days FREE, then even after you sign up, if you decide in 60 days that you're not satisfied, we'll give you back EVERY PENNY you spent with us!  That's how confident we are in what we offer:  We know you'll be amazed at our exciting, welcoming classes, and we're confident that we offer the BEST kickboxing classes in CT!

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